Newsletter September 2023
Happy Fall, MSR!
The beginning of fall signifies many different transitions. The leaves are changing, a new school year has begun, and Halloween and other festivities are right around the corner. But in MSR, we have a special fall activity to look forward to... AACAP's annual meeting! This year, we are so excited to be gathering with you all in New York City! Between learning from our colleagues' presentations, hosting MSR sponsored events, and meeting MSR members, both new and old, we truly cannot wait for the annual meeting. We hope to see you there, but if you are not able to make it in person, we look forward to seeing you virtually!
We would also like to wish everyone the best of luck on the beginning of application season for psychiatry residency and CAP fellowship! Applying can be both exciting and overwhelming, and we are here to support you through this process. It may be helpful to view the 2022 Virtual Psychiatry Residency Application Panel HERE and the MSR CAP Fellowship Q&A session notes HERE.  
See you soon!
Your AACAP MSR Co-Chairs
Evelyn Ashiofu, MD, MPH

Alyssa Shaffner, MD

Jessica Stephens, DO

Annual Meeting Preparation Tips from your seasoned MSR team!
  • Plan ahead! Create your own personalized itinerary using the annual meeting app by saving interesting sessions.
  • Generally, signature MSR mentorship events take place between Tuesday thru Friday afternoon
  • Annual meeting registration is FREE for medical students both in-person and virtual!!! Plus, most of the programming does not require additional funds.
  • Residents who volunteer to monitor receive FREE registration (see above).
  • If one volunteers to monitor, consider choosing a ticketed event, a program on a topic of interest, or an event that includes a meal.
  • Note that there are many venues that offer food (MSR reception, international reception, welcome reception, caucus reception).
  • There are discounted rooms available for booking beginning June 15th (click HERE for more info) and AACAP roomshare options (see above).
  • Prioritize events that are LIVE and not recorded.
  • Remember - child psychiatrists are flexible! You can come & go as you please; there are overlapping events and we all understand that you may have to sneak in late or step out early. Judgment free zone!
Congratulations to all trainees who will be presenting at the
2023 AACAP Annual Meeting!
We applaud everyone's hard work and look forward to your presentations!
 Learn how to become a member HERE!
Register HERE for the Annual Meeting!
October 23 - 28 | In-person meeting in New York City + Limited Livestreamed programming
October 16 - 20 | Open committee meetings
October 9 - November 30 | On-demand virtual lectures available from Institutes 
This year, AACAP is offering a live in-person registration, as well as a CAP@Home Virtual Experience. For information on the virtual experience, click here, or for more details on registration, click here. All virtual sessions can be viewed at this link
Would you like to receive a FREE Annual Meeting Registration? If so, volunteer as a Monitor for one full day or two half days to receive free registration for the AACAP Annual Meeting. Check out this link for info.
Visit the 2023 Annual Meeting Program Schedule to view programming via date, session type, or committee sponsored sessions. Choose programming based on any specialties of interest by clicking "Keyword Index" in the program to filter based on interest. A few examples are:
  • MSR-Sponsored Sessions: Click here
  • Wellness Sessions: Click here
  • Psychotherapy related Sessions: Click here
  • Academic psychiatry Sessions: Click here
  • Residency training: Click here
Check out all AACAP Committee meetings here (both virtual and in-person).
Be sure to review other Annual Meeting details as well, including:
QUESTIONS? Contact for membership, (202.966.7300, ext. 2005) for payment, (202.966.7300, ext. 2007) for CME,
or (202.966.7300, ext. 2006) for Meeting content.  
MSR-Sponsored Events:
Click on each to learn more!
Monday, October 23rd:
Our annual wellness program provides a safe space to acknowledge our own self-criticisms, and share ways to champion our vulnerability and humanity. Join us in embracing self-compassion and a session steeped in positivity and warmth.
Tuesday, October 24th:
The program aims to develop strategies for conflict resolution at various relationship levels, practice conflict management techniques, and maintain empathy and professionalism in the face of conflict, skills which are often not included in training.
Join us to dance in a setting of inclusivity and encouragement, coming together to build relationships and heighten our sense of joy as a trainee community!
Are you applying for general psychiatry residency, but you're interested in child and adolescent psychiatry long-term? This program is for you!
The signature AACAP MSR and Life Members collaboration during the Annual Meeting, a space for trainees to network with AACAP's most distinguished senior leaders and hear wonderful stories! Join these folks who have served in AACAP leadership roles and also pioneered many of the significant discoveries and developments in child and adolescent psychiatry. 
Join your fellow trainees and early career psychiatrists over an informal food and bevarage hour. This is a fun way to network and get to know your peers from all over the country! 
Wednesday, October 25th:
Join AALI to develop ideas for learning and innovation!
A popular informal networking forum for trainees to meet with Training Program Directors, Committee chairs, and other AACAP leaders. Drop in, introduce yourself, and get advice about applications, programs, and opportunities! This year we will have over 30 mentors!
This session is intended to help IMG's learn about cultivating a successful career in CAP.
In this session, CAP trainees and early career psychiatrists learn about starting a research career and enhancing their mentorship network. Child and adolescent psychiatrists increase their mentorship network, gain support, strengthen connections, and learn about being part of the academic research pipeline.
Join us to celebrate artistic talent and cultural diversity within our own community! This year features the inauguration of a fashion show event to showcase AACAP members' artistic clothing and accessory talents.
Thursday, October 26th:
Settle in for a relaxing and warm atmosphere where three phenomenal child and adolescent psychiatrists share their career stories & answer questions! Our guests this year will be Drs. Sarah Arshad, Michael Shapiro, and Gabriel Carlson. MUST PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE. 
One of the largest mentorship events, connect with CAP mentors in a small group setting to build relationships, share ideas, address challenges, and reflect on the things most important to you in career and life. MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE.
Friday, October 27th:
Join some inspiring mentors and colleagues to engage in self-reflection in an effort to counteract burnout, by increasing empathy and decreasing isolation. Let's explore ourselves and our backgrounds to expand beyond the individual into the community - we must first understand ourselves to then understand the community we serve!
Let's talk about what we can't talk about! Join us as we discuss this conundrum of the stigmatized conversations we carefully navigate in supervision settings when the ultimate goal is learning and training while preserving self-protection and breaking down stigma.
One of the largest mentorship events, connect with CAP mentors in a small group setting to build relationships, share ideas, address challenges, and reflect on the things most important to you in career and life. MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE.
Be sure to download the AACAP 2023 app! It is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app can help you plan your schedule by allowing you to select the sessions of most interest to you, complete your attendee profile, take notes, and more. Search for "AACAP" to download the App, sponsored by American Professional Agency, Inc.
Registration for The International Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professionals (IACAPAP)'s 26th Congress in Brazil is now open. This congress' theme is “Child development, mental health challenges and the future of nations”. IACAPAP will bring together international experts from different areas of child and adolescent mental health to discuss discoveries and new avenues in the field, pushing the limits of the current knowledge. Click here for more information.
Interested in getting involved in the MSR committee? Sign up for one of the volunteer opportunities below, it's the perfect way to start meeting people & getting involved!
Amid a national health crisis, your efforts as trainees are critical in caring for children and families. As frontliners, your voices are the loudest and most powerful. In a bid to support and develop trainee advocacy initiatives, the MSR Committee is calling for your thoughts, questions and stories on advocacy:
What are the critical issues in children's mental health that resonate with you the most today? What cause would you like to advocate for?
Tell us about your experiences participating in advocacy events? Have you attended AACAP Leg Con? How about other local events?
Email your thoughts to!
Check out which Committee may be open for participations HERE.
Interested in sharing your stories with our community? Email us today with your thoughts - we look forward to hearing from you!

AACAP is committed to supporting trainee involvement, particularly with an affinity to the groups below. If you are interested in joining any of these groups, sign up HERE.


Advocacy Liaison Network

Monthly on the 1st Monday @ 8PM EST


AACAP Alliance on Learning and Innovation

Every two months on the 3rd Tuesday @ 8PM EST

Next meeting at the Annual Meeting in-person on Tuesday, October 24th, from 3:00-4:00 PM. Info HERE.


AACAP Diversity and Culture Committee

Monthly on the 4th Thursday @ 8PM EST

Next meeting at the Annual Meeting in-person on Tuesday, October 24th, from 12:00-2:30 PM. Info HERE.


AACAP Diversity and Culture Committee Components include:

  • Latinx Caucus - every 2 months on third Wed
    • Thursday, October 26th from 6:15-8:15 PM at Annual Meeting. Info HERE.
  • Asian Caucus - every 2 months on third Tues
    • Thursday, October 26th from 6:15-8:15 PM at Annual Meeting. Info HERE.
  • Black Caucus - every 2 months on second Tues
    • Thursday, October 26th from 5:00-6:30 PM at Annual Meeting. 
      Info HERE.
  • International Medical Graduate Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Caucus
    • Thursday, October 26th from 5:00-6:15 PM at Annual Meeting.
      Info HERE.


Congratulations to all of those who received the educational outreach program awards to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting!



We look forward to seeing you at the

Young Leaders Awards Breakfast!


Take a look HERE at the other award opportunities AACAP has to offer!

Interested in making connections, meeting a mentor, getting your questions answered, and hearing career stories from people in our field? The AACAP MSR Peer Mentorship Program is a buddy system that pairs a senior trainee or early career psychiatrist with a junior based on interests! We are always excited to have people join this lovely family, so sign up today!
Help match up mentors & mentees by signing up HERE!
Become a mentee HERE!
Become a mentor HERE
Mentee: Paula Mendoza, MS4
Mentor: Giselle Plata DO, MPH & Lisa Fortuna, MD, MPH, MDiv 
"I met Dr. Plata at an NHMA conference but have connected at AACAP Latinx Caucus meetings as well. She introduced me to several other mentors at this year's APA meeting in SF. She's always an email, text or zoom away. I met Dr. Fortuna through the AACAP Latinx Caucus and she has supported my AACAP Jeanne Spurlock Research Fellowship, applications to residency and has been overall an amazing role model. I'm grateful for connecting with Latinx psychiatrists because  I am able to picture myself as a psychiatrist one day as well."
- Paula 
Information about AACAP News are provided here. Contact for questions.
Information about JAACAP and JAACAP Connect are provided here. Contact the  JAACAP Editorial Office at or (202) 966-7300 ext. 153 for questions regarding potential topics, outlines, and articles.


[Deadline December 1, 2023]

The JAACAP journal family will publish a series of papers on the effects of race, racism, social justice, and health equity in child and adolescent psychiatry. These articles can cover the entire range of submissions within each publication including New Research, Reviews, Clinical Perspectives/Translations, Commentaries, Attachments, and book reviews.

Examples of highly relevant topics include the following:

  • a Systematic Review on the effects of structural racism on the mental health of children of color
  • a Clinical Perspectives on the role of race in the choice of a therapist
  • New Research Studies examining the impacts of impacts of systemic barriers on child development
  • the ways in which health inequities in access to care and quality of services impact minoritized children
  • how systemic barriers in child-serving entities intersect with externalizing behaviors
  • the ways in which experiences of discrimination in online digital and social media affect the mental health of minoritized youth

Authors are invited to submit proposals for consideration in this special review series to the editorial office. A proposal should include: an abstract, initial outline, intended article type, and the full list of proposed authors so that early feedback and guidance can be provided prior to the development of a full manuscript. An invitation to submit does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript. All papers should conform to the guidelines for reviews (see Guide for Authors) and will be subject to peer review.


Please direct inquiries and proposals to

JAACAP Call for Cover Artwork [Deadline: ongoing]

JAACAP seeks interesting images and original artwork by children and youth, including but not limited to those who have personally struggled with mental health challenges.

Submissions in which the artist reflects upon their identity, family, and/or community are particularly encouraged. If you work with an art therapy program or have artwork from children or grandchildren hanging on the fridge, encourage the artist and/or guardian to consider submitting to  JAACAP! For papers and artwork, questions and pre-submission inquiries should be directed to or




Harnessing the Power of Gamification in Mental Health Apps

Click here to access.
Check out these wonderful AACAP online resourcess!
Check out this video titled "Engaging The Next Generation of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists" 
CAPTuring Minds: A podcast presented by AACAP's Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Medical Students & Residents Committee

Listen HERE.


Episode 1: Why Child and Adolescent Psychiatry?

Host: Dr. Evelyn Ashiofu | Guests: Dr. Jose Vito and Dr. Cindy Chou

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